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We are a non-for-profit organization has made it its goal to connect people from different backgrounds through education and mutual understanding. We believe in empowerment of the individual and the strength of diversity. Because of this, we coach groups, teams and individuals to develop (intercultural) communication skills, (self-)reflection skills, resilience skills and, of course, in understanding the Dutch language and culture.

Our methods and materials are based in sociology, social psychology, education sciences and communication sciences.

Our principles:

Learning is a personal process: The daily lives and circumstances of each learner matter and are taken into consideration. Mutual respect and support are key.

Learning is a team process: The team is essential and feeling welcome in your team makes learning fun and engaging. Our teams are never more than six people.

Learning is a reflexive process: We make sure to not only explain the what, but also the how and why to help learners connect to the knowledge on deeper levels.

Learning is a flexible process: Learning goals and agreements can always be re-negotiated between coach and learner. This is why we find open and transparent communication essential.

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Want to volunteer?

We offer several volunteering options, for some of which we offer training programs to make sure you get something back for your time and effort.

Are you a business?

Our courses and trainings are available for businesses and teams as well, to make sure you can help your employees make the best out of their workday.

Testimonies from Learners & Coaches

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela