CLUB Coaching is a non-for-profit organization. In order to assure maximum accessibility to all our courses, we employ a team of enthusiastic volunteers. However, the organization still has running costs regarding, among others, rent for location, hosting of our learning platforms and printing and development of all materials. This means we are highly dependent on donations.

Ways to donate

Sponsoring an individual learner

We are in close contact with different organizations that help asylum seekers integrate in the Netherlands. The first step for this is language. Because of the dire financial situation of many asylum seekers, even our low prices are often not affordable.

For each donation of €85, we can help one asylum seeker reach an A2 Dutch level.

For each additional donation of €80, this person can continue our advanced course to reach an B1/B2 level of Dutch.

General donations

Our current pricing system allows for us to maintain existing courses. However, we are always trying our best to develop new projects to assure even more access to the Dutch language – for example, we are working on courses for people with no knowledge of the English language, or courses for particularly vulnerable groups with a larger distance to the job market or who cannot read or write. To make such projects happen, we rely on donations. You can support us by donating any amount of money that you can spare.

Our bank details are:

Stichting C.L.U.B. Coaching

NL93 BUNQ 2060 1277 50