For Teams and Businesses

We are always happy to support existing teams and businesses in improving themselves – be it by learning how to productively deal with stress and improving work performance, or by helping employees learning Dutch and being able to integrate better in the local environment. With our expertise in many social sciences fields, we can play an essential role in helping you lead your team to success, or create personalized workshops, trainings or courses for you!

Dutch for Business Teams

While individual people can join our volunteer-run teams, we also offer professional coaching by trained coaches for business teams. This comes with several benefits, such as sessions on a location of the team’s choice, additional coaching moments and additional, individualized exercises.

  • Time investment: 8 weeks, 1.5h meeting/week, plus exercises
  • Costs: €245/participant
  • Language of instruction: English
Study Bookyesyes
8 team sessionsyesyes
individual feedback on homeworkyesyes
Individual midterm coaching (20min)yesyes
Coach finalized trainingnoyes
Individual additional coaching (1.5h divided over the course)noyes
Location of choicenoyes
Development of & feedback to individual additional exercisesnoyes
Additional speaking & listening exercisesnoyes
Weekly individual revision & feedback to learning plannoyes
Flexible schedulingnoyes

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela