About Us

CLUB Coaching’s statutes read that we support inclusivity and integration by means of intercultural communication, learning Dutch and establishing a skillset. If you now think “well, this is quite vague”, you are completely right! We believe that coaching people in establishing their own personal skills is an empowering process, but also quite hard to pinpoint – ultimately, a large part of the work always lies with our students. Unfortunately, this also means that it is quite difficult to set one particular goal that fits everyone we work with. Rather, we focus on the process and skills needed to get people there – whatever that might entail. With this in mind, we opt for heutagogical rather than pedagogical approaches in our classes and courses.

Heutagogy as a concept was first introduced in 2000 by Hase and Kenyon. According to this concept, students learn by means of double loop learning. Put simply, this means that the student does not just question the what when acquiring knowledge, but also the how and why. It fundamentally includes reflection on the learning process itself, is student-directed and constantly negotiated. Eventually, this leads to lifelong learning as a skill.

What to expect from our courses:

  • Individual support from your coach throughout the whole course
  • A sympathetic administration team that will help you find solutions for any problems you may encounter
  • Comprehensive, structured learning of both the content and the process

What to expect from our team:

  • A supportive, respectful environment in which you can explore your own learning
  • Open, honest and transparent communication to make sure you are always involved
  • Empathetic listening and solution-oriented coaching to create an environment for you to thrive